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Children starting in Reception

  • When should my child start school?

    Child's Birthday

    1st September 2011 to 31st August 2012 - Start September 2016
    1st September 2012 to 31st August 2013 - Start September 2017
    1st September 2013 to 31st August 2014 - Start September 2018

  • How do I apply for a school place?

    All applications for a place at Bishops Cannings must be made through Wiltshire Council.  Admissions forms are available for collection at the school office or you can complete an on-line form here.

    Is my child eligible to go to Bishops Cannings?

    All children are eligible to attend Bishops Cannings.  However, to ensure fairness the school writes its admissions arrangements in line with the Department for Education's School Admission Code and so prioritises who can attend our school.  Our admissions arrangements for children starting in September 2017 can be read by clicking here.  Our admissions arrangments for children starting school in September 2018 can be read here.

Children starting in other year groups

Should you wish to change schools, or you are moving into the area, and you would like Bishops Cannings to be the school to which you send your child, you will need to apply for a place through the local authority.  We would recommend that you arrange a visit to us if wish your child to change school.  Please be aware that we will contact the school you are moving from to assist in the transition process.

You can obtain an admissions form from the school office or you can apply on-line by clicking here.

Can I appeal if I do not get the place for my child that I requested?

Adults with parental responsibility for applying for a school place can appeal if they do not receive their first choice of school.  In the first instance, the school where you wish your child to go should be contacted in writing by using Parental Appeal Form 1 and Parental Appeal Form 2.  All correspondence should be addressed to the Clerk of Governors using the school address.  The appeals timetable can be downloaded here.  Please note that if you do not stick to the timetable then your appeal cannot be heard.

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