Bishops Cannings Church of England Primary School and Pre-School
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The Arts

Our Team

Our Arts Team is:

Sarah Reed 

Our Intent, Implementation and Impact Documents: 


  • Flourish and enjoy art and design. 
  • Respect and respond to a range of artists, designers and craft maker’s compositions 
  • Experience success and be keen to share their art and design knowledge, understanding and compositions with others. 
  • Developing independence when using sketchbooks for experimentation and idea generation. 
  • Become independent in using a variety of media, skills and process to generate original artworks. 



Art Whole School Progression Map

Art and Music at Bishops Cannings

At Bishops Cannings Primary School, we want the children in our school to be inspired and excited about the world around us and enjoy investigating the effects of the past, present and future upon our diverse school and the wider community.

We are committed to embracing the cultural diversity of our school and community. Through providing regular opportunities to inspire our children to achieve and enjoy music, art and culture. These in turn will develop confidence and self esteem and prepare them for our challenging world.

Over the coming terms, we are hoping to develop lots of exciting opportunities through our arts and humanities subjects. In doing so, we are hoping to develop our multi-cultural understanding and knowledge and so further develop understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

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