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Bishops Cannings School's Curriculum Intent

Our Curriculum Leadership

The rational for the curriculum teams is: 

  • to allow subject leaders to work collaboratively to improve standards in similar subjects.
  • Greater collaborative learning between teachers
  • Stronger links between key stages across the school
  • A wider consultative base
  • A system less likely to stall if individual teachers move on
  • A greater opportunity for teachers to gain expertise for a range of subjects
The role of the Curriculum Teams is to:

Ensure that the creative curriculum policy is implemented consistently throughout the school. · Collate and review assessment data to ensure progress throughout the school. · Ensure coverage of key skills and breadth of study across both key stages. This will be achieved through planning scrutiny, lesson observations and work scrutiny.

Our Curriculum Long Term Plans

Years 5 and 6

Years 3 and 4

Years 1 and 2

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