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Unicorn Class

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Our Reception children are taught in Unicorn Class by Mrs Breydin, Mrs Gardner ( PPA Cover ), Mrs Waters (T.A Mon-Wed ) and Mrs Saint (T.A -Thur & Fri).

Our class Motto: Reach for the STARS:

S: smile and be happy

T: try new things

A: always try your best

R: respect other people

S: see what you can achieve.


We believe that " the best classrooms are always those filled with love, laughter and learning."

Jewel was a noble creamy-white unicorn with a ice blue horn, and was the best friend of Narnian King Tirian. He often wore a gold chain around his neck. You can read about Jewel in the book, 'The Last Battle'.


What children said before leaving Unicorn class.

" We do lots of learning in Unicorn Class."

" I have loved being in Unicorn Class."

" I wish I could stay in Unicorn Class forever."


Term 1:  This term, our topic was entitled "This is Me!".  During the first four weeks when the children came in part time, we  carried  out our baseline assessments to see where the children were in relation to their learning and plan their next steps. During this period of time, children were learning the classroom rules and routines and  exploring the indoor and outdoor environment. More formal sessions took place as soon as the children were in full time. We then began the teaching of phonics and maths during the mornings and the children had opportunities to follow their own interests in the afternoons during child initiated sessions. Directed activities linked to our topic took place across the day and included children exploring their bodies, exploring their senses and emotions, exploring colour mixing, painting their self portrait and learning songs linked to our topic.

Term 2:  This term, during November, we are going to be focusing our learning on Nursery Rhymes. We will begin by doing activities linked to Humpty Dumpty and extending that to activities linked to Little Lumpty. During World nursery Rhyme week we will be doing activites linked to 5 different rhymes, one a day. These include: The wheels on the bus, Five specled frogs, Hickory Dickory Dock,Old MacDonald had a farm and Miss Poly had a dolly. The children will then have the opportunityto share their favourite rhymes. We will then be doing some shared reading and activities linked to Dear Zoo before then doing the same with Dear Santa at the beginning of December. The rest of ther term we will be practising rhymes linked to the Nativity story and exploring lots of other festive activities linked to the different areas of learning.


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