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Unicorn Class

Our Reception children are taught in Unicorn Class by Mrs Breydin, Mrs Gardner ( PPA Cover ), Mrs Waters (T.A Mon-Wed ) and Mrs Saint (T.A -Thur & Fri).

We work hard to ensure that the children are F.A.B.

Feel: happy, secure, and loved.

Are: excited and enthusiastic about their learning.

Become: independent and confident learners.

Jewel was a noble creamy-white unicorn with a ice blue horn, and was the best friend of Narnian King Tirian. He often wore a gold chain around his neck. You can read about Jewel in the book, 'The Last Battle'.


What children say about the class:

I liked the fun toys and activities.

I liked sitting on the carpet listening to Mrs Breydin.

I liked the role play area.


Term 6

This term our topic is entitled Location, Location, Location. We will be focusing on Australia and learning about The Great Barrier Reef. We will be learning where Australia is on a world map, find out famous places you can visit and what animals you would see there. We will be learning about which animals can be found in The Great Barrier Reef. All literacy, maths, art, music , dance... will be linked to our topic and will include writing captions about the different animals,  problem solving activities involving doubling and halving reef animals,  singing and performing Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, doing some aboriginal art of creatures found in The Great Barrier Reef. Our role play area has become the Great Barrier Reef so the children can role play being deep sea divers.


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