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Unicorn Class

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Our Reception children are taught in Unicorn Class by Mrs Breydin, Mrs Gardner ( PPA Cover ), Mrs Waters (T.A Mon-Wed ) and Mrs Saint (T.A -Thur & Fri).

Our class Motto: Reach for the STARS:

S: smile and be happy

T: try new things

A: always try your best

R: respect other people

S: see what you can achieve.


We believe that " the best classrooms are always those filled with love, laughter and learning."

Jewel was a noble creamy-white unicorn with a ice blue horn, and was the best friend of Narnian King Tirian. He often wore a gold chain around his neck. You can read about Jewel in the book, 'The Last Battle'.


What children said before leaving Unicorn class.

" We do lots of learning in Unicorn Class."

" I have loved being in Unicorn Class."

" I wish I could stay in Unicorn Class forever."


Term 5:   

This term we are going to be learning about the life-cycles of plants and butterflies. The 2 main texts we are going to be focusing on will be Jack and the beanstalk and The very hungry caterpillar. The children will begin by looking at the different parts of a plant and wil label their own diagram of a flower. We will then look at conditions needed for planting seeds and plant our own bean and sunflower plants. During this time we will be reading Jack and the beanstalk in whole class shared reading sessions and practising retelling the story using talk for writing.  In maths as well as focusing on numbers to 20, we will be learning how to use non standard units to measure the length and height of caterpillars and plants and will develop our vocabulary relating to capacity by filling and emptying different sized plant pots. We will be doing lots of other activities linking all the other areas of learning to the main text including singing, yoga and painting activities During the second half of the term we will be focusing on The very hungry catepillar and as above, will be practising retelling the story using talk for writing. The children will also have the opportunity to innovate the story and create their own version of it. In maths at this part of the term we will look at the concepts of doubling, halving and sharing and experiment with creating repeating and symmetrical patterns. As above we will be linking other areas of learning through different activities relating to this story.

Term 6:

This term we are going to be learning about rainforests and will begin by using non-fiction books about the rainforests to discover what they are, where they are, the different layers and the plants, animals and people that survive in them. We will also be finding out about the  threats to the rainforests and what we can do protect them. From week 3 we will be looking at the story Walking through the jungle and doing activities linked to this text. Other books we will be looking at will include, In the jungle by Rod Campbell, rumble in the jungle and There's a rang tang in my bedroom. The children will be learning songs linked to the topic,  with the main one being the Animal Boogie, doing lots of art activities paintings, drawings and clay sculptures and will be able to use their imagination, pretending to go on a  camping expedition in our rainforest role play area. Where possible we will be trying to link maths activities to our topic whilst still following The White Rose scheme of work. During the second half of the term we will be putting things in place to ease the children into their transition into Year one.

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