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Sept 2019 - July 2020

Our Year One children are taught in Hogglestock Hedgehog Class. We enjoy learning both through structured lessons and through opportunities for creative play. We have a main classroom, another room and a lovely outdoor area.  We also use the school raised beds to grow fruit and vegetables.  Our teacher, Ms Steggall, loves to teach us songs throughout the day and she also loves to teach us to paint!

We have two TAs. Mrs Perry works with us every morning and Mrs Rowlatt works with us every afternoon. 


Hedgehogs Class Newsletter  9th  November 2019 

The children have quickly settled back in and are already enjoying our focus story for this month, The Little Red Hen.  Take a look at Pie Corbett on YouTube to see the version we are learning.  We will soon be busy finding out about flour and how to make bread along with many other related activities. PE will be inside this term. Please continue to name-label all belongings including coats, hats and gloves.

Please consider whether you could come in to help in Hedgehogs class as a volunteer.  I am hoping to recruit  a small number of parents or grandparents who could commit to coming in on a regular basis for a few hours a week, maybe a morning or afternoon to listen to children read, help with our technology projects or maybe take small groups to do cooking, sewing or art activities.  Perhaps you have other strengths you could share?  Please let me know or talk to Rose in the office.  

I am looking for someone to help with bread making on Tuesday 19th November, please let me know if you can help. The children are making good progress with phonics and spelling.  Please continue to support them with their spellings which are tested each Thursday. Practise every day after reading at home. The children should aim get them all correct. Writing neatly words over and over again will also help them learn the relative letter sizes.  Please continue to help correct their pencil grip (nip, flip and grip).  Homework books should only be returned on Thursday complete with their spelling book.  

Please keep practising the phase 3 and 4 sound mats that are stuck in the homework books. Help them to blend the sounds until they can speed-read them. After that, they can work on speed-writing them in response to you saying each digraph or blend. The children have also started to bring home tricky words on individual flashcards, to practice each day when you read at home. They will get a new set when they know them all. After the Phase 5 set they will be given the whole of the First 100 Words to practise reading.  It is essential that your child reads as regularly as possible at home, at least five times a week. Please record each time they read in their yellow book.

In maths this term we will be adding and subtracting numbers to 10/15, doubling and halving to 20, counting to and from 100, counting to 100 in 2’s,  5’s and 10’s, telling the time at half past, measuring both weight and length and identifying 2D and 3D shapes.  Homework will reflect our weekly topics.  

Alongside The Little Red Hen, we have already started preparations for our KS1 nativity play. The date and times for the performances are as follows:  

Tuesday 10th December        2.15pm      and   Thursday 12th December   6.30pm  

It will be thrilling for the children to return to school for the evening show. We hope it will give working parents an opportunity to attend this special event. The children will soon find out what part they will play; details of costume requirements will follow. Please both dates in your diary today!

Thank you for your ongoing support,                 Ms Steggall, Mrs Perry and Mrs Rowlatt

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