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We enjoy learning both through structured lessons and through opportunities for creative play and outdoor learning.

Hogglestock Hedgehogs Class (Year 1)

Teacher: Ms Steggall  |  Teaching assistants: Mrs Perry and Mrs Rowlatt 

Sept 2021 - July 2022

Our year one children are taught in Hogglestock Hedgehog Class. We enjoy learning both through structured lessons and through opportunities for creative play and outdoor learning. This year we have a main classroom which opens out onto the back playground with the forest school area and raised beds, which we use to grow fruit and vegetables. 

We have two TA's. Mrs Perry works with us every morning and Mrs Rowlatt works with us every afternoon. 

News from Hedgehog Class

Dear parents and carers,

It’s lovely to be back at school.  The children all seem so happy to be together again.

This term our science work is centred on materials.  I have attached the vocabulary that we will be learning including some nouns, adjectives and verbs. Our artwork will involve creative use of fabric and wool.

I have chosen the classic book DINOSAURS and all that rubbish as our first whole class read.  This will form the basis of our literacy learning.  I am also attaching a piece of writing from last term and the children’s new writing targets so you can see what they are currently aiming to master.

In maths for the first topic I will be introducing early concepts and language of multiplication and division, followed by fractions.  In year one we do not learn ‘times tables’ but do learn to count in 2’s. 5’s and 10’s. We also learn how to double, halve and quarter numbers.   I have attached some vocabulary. Please support the children by helping them understand their maths homework.

The book also encourages children to think about looking after our earth – reducing, reusing and recycling resources. As you may have been told by your child, next week in DT we will be making rockets out of old packaging so save what you can over the next few days and pop in a named bag so the children can all have their own materials to use. I have some boxes saved up too.

Our Second Class Read

George Saves the World By Lunch TimeOur second class read will be George Saves the World by Lunchtime.  Again this is a book which will help the children learn about recycling, reusing, reducing waste and the positive impact our actions can make.    

In PSHE we will be focusing on Healthy Bodies, Healthy minds which will include learning about exercise, healthy eating, keeping safe in the sun and safety with medicine.  We will continue to teach them to wash and sanitise their hands!  Please make sure the children have sun hats each day and come to school with their sun cream on (or in their bags.) 

Mrs Wallace continues to teach RE. This term she will introduce Judaism and how Jewish children and their families celebrate Shabbat.  The children will relate this to their own favourite days and special meals. 

I will be teaching football in PE so please make sure the children some to school on Fridays  in outdoor trainers or daps as well as their t-shirt and shorts/joggers.  

Keep up the daily reading and remember we have our spelling tests on Thursdays,

Thank you for your ongoing support,   Ms Steggall, Ms Perry and Mrs Rowlatt

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