Bishops Cannings Church of England Primary School and Pre-School
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Griffin Class (Year 6)

Teacher: Mr Squire |  Teaching assistant: Mrs Thomas (M – Fr) and Mrs Pieterse (M, T, W) 

Griffins or Gryphons are legendary creatures with the body, tail and back legs of a lion and the head, wings and talons of an eagle.

"They come, Your Highness, in numbers and weapons far greater than our own."
Unnamed Gryphon who reported the Witch's Army' approach from the film 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. 

What is Year 6 all about?

In Year 6, we prepare our children for their transition into secondary school.  We do this by challenging them and pushing them out of their comfort zones so that they are ready to handle the demands of secondary education.  We promote and encourage initiative so that children become responsible for their own learning and progress.  
But, at the heart of everything we do, is enjoyment within our class and lessons; the children achieve the best outcomes when they enjoy what they do.

Alongside children's academic progress, we also promote the values of responsibility and care for others as they become young adults.

What we do in class:

In Griffin Class, we cover all subjects within the National Curriculum. We extend and build on skills learnt in previous years, as well as encouraging the development of learning skills such as resilience and reflection.  

In Maths, we continue to develop and learn methods of calculation, problem solving, shape, space and measure and data handling.  Our literacy is often cross-curricular and makes links with our topic work. 

In Computing, the children will spend the term developing their understanding of coding and programming using a range of software packages.

In Science, the children will be learning about Light.

In RE, the children will be focusing on the debate between the similarities and differences between the creation stories from scientific and Christian viewpoints.

In PE, the children will continue to have Football Lessons, delivered by Mr. Sampson from Dauntsey’s School on Thursday mornings.

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