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Birds of the Morning Class

Our Year 5 children are taught in Birds of the Morning Class. The class teacher is Mrs. Garner. Our TA is Mrs. Pieterse. Mrs. Amey will cover PPA time on Friday mornings.

Birds of the Morning are large white birds that fly from the sun and present fire-berries to a retired Star named Ramandu.  You can read about Birds of the Morning in the book, 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader'.

What the children say:

What we do in class:


In Term 6, the children will continue to develop and practise their arithmetic skills daily, through the Morning Maths Activity.

In our daily maths lessons, we will work on angles: measuring, drawing and calculating. We will then be revisiting fractions, before moving on to reading timetables, using the 24-hr clock. Later in the term, children will learn how to calculate averages (range, mode, median and mean) and will be calculating the area of compound shapes. We will finish the term with some multi-step problem-solving. 


We will begin by writing a narrative and then will spend most of the term working on diary entries. The children will begin by learning how to write in the style of a diary and, later in the term, will be filming their own video diary entries. We will end the term by writing about our memories of Year 5 and our hopes and aspirations for Y6.

In grammar lessons, we will focus on: determiners, double negatives, fronted adverbials and conditional sentences.


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This term, we will continue with our India topic.  In Geography, the children will learn about the physical features of Chembakolli and consider the effects of human geography on a place. In History, we will begin by analysing primary sources,  to help us understand what partition was. The children will then learn where Kashmir is, why it is a contested area and evaluate who was responsible for the Kashmir conflict.


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In Art, the children will begin by producing Indian tree-art.  We will then be studying a famous Indian Artisit: Syed Haider Raza and producing art in his style.


In DT, the children will be making musical instruments and, later in the term, will be cooking Indian food.


In Science, the children will be learning about changes in materials and, in PSHE, children will begin by learning about the effects of alcohol and smoking on the body. We will then be moving on to loss and bereavement, considering what it feels like to lose someone close to us.





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