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Birds of the Morning Class

Our Year 5 children are taught in Birds of the Morning Class. The class teacher is Mrs. Garner. Our TA is Mrs. Pieterse. Mrs. Amey will cover PPA time on Friday mornings.

Birds of the Morning are large white birds that fly from the sun and present fire-berries to a retired Star named Ramandu.  You can read about Birds of the Morning in the book, 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader'.

What the children say:

What we do in class:


During Term 3, the children will continue to develop and practise their arithmetic skills daily, through the Morning Maths Activity.

In our daily maths lessons, we will revise and practise a range of key skills such as place value, comparison of numbers and rounding. We will then move on to negative numbers, in the context of temperature (fitting for this time of the year). Towards the end of the term, we will work on coordinates: plotting, translating and reflecting.



The children will begin the term by writing a Haiku (Japanese poem).

Following this, the children will then spend  some time focusing on developing their understanding of inference and how to answer questions, through inferring and referring to the text within their answer (an extremely important skill for all of the children). 

Our focus will then return to writing, where the children will learn how to write a formal letter of complaint. We will finish the term by returning to our poetry unit, where the children will write a poem about the 2011 Tsunami disaster in Japan.



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This term, we will begin our new topic: Japan.  In Geography, the children will learn about the location of the country and its key topographical features, before moving on to make comparisons between Japan and the UK. In History, the children will learn about the history of the Japanese flag and the story behind Sadako Sasaki. In Art, the children will produce their own piece of Suminagashi Art, which they will then use as part of a sewing project in D&T. In Music, the children will develop their understanding of Pentatonic Scales, through Japanese Music.


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