Bishops Cannings Church of England Primary School and Pre-School
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Vision Statement


Mission Statement

Bishops Cannings School is a loving, caring Christian community where, with God's guidance, every child is encouraged to flourish and we all aspire to become our very best.

The heartbeat of our school is knowing that God loves each and every one of us and we, in turn, show love to one another and our neighbours. We all work hard to nurture the spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of every child so that we may each play our parts in looking after and loving ourselves, others and the world that God has generously given to us.

Our Spirituality Statement

Here at Bishops Cannings, spirituality is a journey where we explore who we are, our relationships with one another, our community, the world around us and the divine.  It is a continuous, transformative process of asking the big questions, readjusting perspectives and rarely finding a definitive answer.  Our spiritual community at Bishops Cannings ensures we have created a special place, with space for encounter and reflection, and where our own unique relationships with God are valued.  

We live and learn by our Christian values believing that

‘Love is what holds everything together in perfect unity’. 

There can be no Kingdom of God in the world,  without the Kingdom of God in our hearts. Albert Schweitzer (Theologian)

Please follow the link here to watch a video giving more information about spirituality at our school. 

Our Values – Our Community

Our core christian values underpin all of our activities at Bishops Cannings. These activities include:

  • Pastoral Activities
    • Year 6 Buddies
    • Parent Cafe
    • House Points System
    • Weekly Celebration Assembelies
  • Clubs & Creativity Activities
    • Artsmark
    • Sports Club
    • Cookery Club
    • Art Club
    • Play & Performance / Drama Club
  • Spirituality Activities
    • Daily whole school worship
    • Worship leader teams
    • Prayer Tree
    • Eucharist Service
    • Prayer Space Week
    • Rev. Beth's Memorial
  • Trips & Focus Days Activitie
    • Year 6 Residential
    • School trips and outings
    • Science Week
    • World Book Day
  • Charity Activities
    • Raising money
    • Charity giving
    • Sponsorship
    • Foodbank Reverse Advent Calendar
  • Community Activities
    • Christmas Fayre
    • Big Soup
    • Harvest
  • Environment Activities
    • Grounds Day
    • Chicken Club
    • Nature Club
    • Walking Bus



Rev. Beth’s memorial area

Reverend Beth Brown was a very important and much loved member of our school community.  She regularly conducted our school assemblies and as a former teacher took an active interest in our curriculum especially – Maths.  Revd Beth also supported our school through her role as a Governor. 

Revd Beth and her beloved dog Cairiad often joined the Walking Bus which passed the Vicarage gate every day going to and from school.  They were also regulars at the Christmas Fayre and we remember them both  every year by awarding the Cairiad Cup to the winner of the Reindeer Dash which Cairiad used to take part in and by awarding the winning tree in the Christmas Tree Festival in St Mary's The Revd Beth Brown Memorial Trophy in Beth's honour as she was such a big part of our Christmas celebrations in the parish.

The school decided to design a lasting memorial to Revd Beth.  We wanted to create a special place in the community for her friends and our pupils to be able to come and sit and reflect.  It was important to us that by designing the area on the school field it would have easy access for the local community to also use out of school hours.

Working together with local landscaping team the pupils gave their ideas for what they thought theReverend Beth Brown area should look like.  The result is a unique grove of crab apple and cherry trees planted around a stone seat.  Using a variety of trees to create colour and eating interest.  We truly feel we have created a very special place in memory of our dear friend Revd Beth.

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