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Bishops Cannings CofE (Aided) Primary School

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Values and Ethos

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be an outstanding school that provides excellent education underpinned by our shared Christian values. Over the next four years we will work with pupils, staff, parents, governors and other partners to achieve our ambition by how we 'care for learning' so that we:

  • Are taking pride in our Christian ethos as a vehicle for developing spirituality and a deep rooted understanding of right and wrong whilst promoting tolerance of and respect for people of all faiths (or those of no faith)
  • Are developing teachers so that they consistently deliver good and outstanding lessons
  • Have high quality leaders at every level who are dedicated to achieving excellent outcomes
  • Are a school where high quality practitioners wish to work
  • Are held in high regard locally for our cluster work and our philosophy that every child in Devizes is our responsibility
  • Are keeping children's safety and well being to the fore

We will provide outstanding education to our pupils by:

  • Providing an inspiring and personalised curriculum
  • Tracking each child's progress and intervening where gaps appear
  • Insisting on high standards of discipline
  • Making sure children leaving our school at the end of KS2 are secondary ready.
  • Informing parents about their children's academic progress and pastoral well being
  • Monitoring the school budget so that public money is spent on improving outcomes
  • Ensuring our staff receive high quality continuing professional development
  • Making sure the fabric and grounds of our building are well maintained and fit for purpose

Annually, the Senior Management Team write a school improvement plan based on data collected by the school and data published nationally. Through detailed analysis of this data we highlight, celebrate and share our successes; but equally we use data to identify areas for improvement.

Currently the school recognises that we must improve our attainment in writing at Key Stage 1.  However, the school has secured good outcomes in reading by the time children are ready for secondary education and we are clearly committed to maintain and improve upon this.

We have asked our teachers to focus all their energy on the quality of teaching and learning as we believe that this is the single most important factor in securing and sustaining high educational outcomes.

Our Mission Statement

The staff of Bishops Cannings Church of England (Aided) Primary School will deliver a high quality educational experience for the children of Bishops Cannings Church of England (Aided) Primary School by being dedicated to their profession and having an innate belief that every child has a limitless potential.

Our Strategic Aims

  • To develop children who are ready to move confidently between each stage of their education and into adulthood
  • To develop individuals who are resilient and who can instinctively problem solve so that they can reach their full potential
  • To be part of an educational community that challenges and supports us so we can continually improve whilst supporting partners with our knowledge and experience
  • To keep abreast of developing educational practice including how technology is used in the curriculum and how it works for teachers
  • To manage resources, including pupil premium and PE premium money so that it supports our most vulnerable learners to achieve success

The Future

Further develop the competency of all adults who work alongside children in the school environment

  • Use social media to engage parents fully in the education of their children
  • Consistently meet milestones for achievement of our children
  • Develop a programme that allows our children to understand their cultural heritage whilst celebrating the diverse and culturally rich nature of modern Britain
  • Become even better at identifying vulnerable learners in a timely fashion so that we can intervene to get their learning back on track
  • Develop a plan to secure the procurement of IT equipment on a rolling programme
  • Develop our curriculum so that children can have experiences of real life situations in the workplace
  • Maintain high levels of mathematical achievement and become involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at a deep level
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