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Sports Premium

Funding for Primary School PE and Sports

In keeping with previous years, the government provided a grant to schools known as the Sports Premium.  Our allocation for the academic year 15/16 was £8895.00 and our funding for the current year is £10,395.00.

The aim of this funding is to improve the Physical Education (P.E.) and sports programs offered by primary schools, and is provided jointly by various governmental departments, including Education, Health and Culture, and Media and Sport.

The funding will be ‘ring fenced’ – this means it can only be spent specifically on P.E. and sport in schools.

Purpose of funding

Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, though how they do this remains their decision.

Bishops Cannings Church of England (Aided) Primary School has spent £6000 of its £8895 in the academic Year 15/16 on membership of the Devizes School Sports Network (DSSN) at ‘Silver Standard’ level.  Silver Standard Level entitles us to:

  • An extensive range of competitions covering a wide variety of sports;
  • The facility to network with physical education specialists and other primary colleagues who have a passion for P.E. and sport;
  • Curriculum festivals;
  • Outreach support from a secondary colleague who provided quality first P.E. teaching and who ran CPD sessions through the 'Learn, Try, Fly' model (whereby teachers observed the P.E. specialist delivering a lesson, then led their own lesson specialists to teach P.E and run CPD).

As well as engaging with DSSN, we have also spent our allocation in the following way:

Preparation and participation in a cluster wide Rio Olympics event - £1117.77

Sports clothing for our sports leaders - £379.91

P.E. and Sports Equipment -£1397.32


Through DSSN we have taken part in Hockey and Tag Rugby competitions and we will be taking part in an athletics meeting and a swimming gala later on this year.


Our P.E. leader, Mr Joe Dorgan, regularly attends network meetings to keep abreast of developments in sports locally.

Summary of Impact of being part of DSSN at Gold Standard Level

  • All children have had access to specialist P.E. teaching;
  • More competitions have been able to be attended therefore participation in sport has increased;
  • Teachers knowledge and skill base has developed;
  • Assessment strategies modelled in P.E. lessons have been able to be applied to other areas of learning by teachers and children;
  • Schemes of work have been written for different areas of the P.E. curriculum;
  • The whole school will have had experience of competitive sport by the end of the school year; and
  • Increased levels of teamwork.

Planned Spending for the Academic Year 16/17

This year we plan to spend our Sports Premium on:

Silver Membership of DSSN - £6000

Particpation in Premier League Reading Stars (bringing football and literacy together) - £500

Attendance at Sporting Competitions as spectators - £1500

Replenishment of P.E. Resources - £1000

Visiting speakers to inspire children to participate more in sport - £1395.00

Curriculum Festivals

Year 2 participated in a dance festival earlier this year.