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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is an allocation of additional funding provided to schools to support specific groups of children who are vulnerable to under achievement. These include pupils who are entitled to free school meals, children who are looked after by a local authority and children of parents who are in the armed forces.

Click here to see how Pupil Premium has been spent at Bishops Cannings in detail up to and including the most recent academic year (2015/16) for which we have results and see below for our proposed spend through this academic year (2016/17). 

A brief overview of what was achieved by vulnerable learners by the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) can be seen in the tables below.  Vulnerable in this context means those children in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant.

Finally, please click here to move down this page to see how we propose to spend our pupil premium this year.

Impact - Outcomes for Vulnerable Learners in the academic Year 2015/16

Percentage of chilren in Year 6 in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant = 32%

Of the 32 % of children in receipt of the pupil premium grant, 60% of those children met or exceeded the standard in reading.


Of the 32 % of children in receipt of the pupil premium grant, 60% of those children met or exceeded the standard in writing.


Of the 32 % of children in receipt of the pupil premium grant, 70% of those children met or exceeded the standard in mathematics.


Of the 32 % of children in receipt of the pupil premium grant, 60% of those children met or exceeded the standard in reading, writing and mathematics  combined.


What are we planning to spend our Pupil Premium Grant on in the Future?

Pupil Premium is allocated in the financial year - that is from April to April and may be subject to adjustments throughout the year.  Our current allocation is £63,400.

We are spending/planning to spend this money on:

Provision Aim and Explanation Cost
Acheivement For All Achievement for All is a charity that works with schools to ensure all vulnerable learners have the opportunity to reach age related outcomes by the time they leave school.  As the name suggests our school wants every child, regardless of need, to achieve. £2200.00
Reading Recovery Teacher Our school wants to ensure that no child leaves primary school not being able to read.  Whilst we acknowledge that most children learn the basic skills of reading through the quality teaching of systematic phonics, we also see a small percentage of children for whom phonics does not work in its entirety.  For that reason we are employing a teacher to train in reading recovery (as defined by the International Literacy Centre)  and also purchasing the necessary resources. £14,318.00
Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) The school has trained a Teaching Assistant to provide emotional literacy support to children who may find difficulty with social aspects of learning.  Short courses are run by the TA to help children be happy and learn effectively.  ELSA courses will run on Tuesday afternoons. £9984.00
Assistance with residential and curriculum trips. It is our intention that every child should have the opportunity to participate fully in the complete range of activities offered by the school.  We therefore set an amount of Pupil Premium Grant aside to provide equality of access. £1,000.00
Development of Music Therapy The school is committed to ensuring that help for the most vulnerable learners, particularly those who find learning challenging due to an emotional barrier, receive support as quickly as possible.  Therefore the school wishes to develop its own early help provision by continuing to develop a music, play and art therapy resource. £5,000.00
Music Teacher The school is determined to provide a richness of experience for all children, especially those at risk of under achievement.  We will therefore employ a music specialist to teach singing across the school. £5,000
Provide equality of access for children without internet access beyond the school
Enrichment activities for the development of life skills such as cookery club and gardening and other individual provision
The school serves a number of learners who find home learning difficult due to lack of internet access.  We therefore put aside money to provide assistance in this area. We have also found that for a number of children, learning skills in real life contexts, such as cooking, improves basic skills in other areas. £9,334
Ensure Year 6 children in receipt of the PPG are secondary ready Provide children with booster activities in preparation for secondary school. £1500
 Porvide equality of access to the internet and provide good online learning tools. The school recognises that not all children have internet access at home and we wish to rectify this as necessary.  Additionally, we want to provide good, safe online learning tools to assist with class based and home learning. £3398
Forest Schools As a school we understand that not all children learn in the same way.  For some children practical experience in applying literacy and numeracy skills is important, as well as providing a different medium in which to learn. £3000
Cookery School As with Forest Schools we want to provide alternative experiences for children to apply their literacy and numeracy skills in practical contexts.  The cookery school finishes at the end of the academic year with children running their own restaurant for their parents. £1200
Play Equipment The school believes that there are many benefits to providing a safe and positive playtime, including children learning how to socialise.  Because of this we are spending a proportion of our pupil premium grant on the continuing development of our playground. £6270