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Phoenix Class

Our Year 2 children are taught in Phoenix Class.  The class teacher is Mr Rutter and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Waters.

The Phoenix was a magnificent, reddish-black firebird that was larger than an eagle, with a saffron chest, its head crested with scarlet, and its tail purple. You can read about a Phoenix in the book, 'The Magicians Nephew'. 

In Phoenix Class the children start to develop more independence. We build on the skills learnt in previous years as well as encouraging learning skills such as concentration and co-operation.

What the children say:

  • Literacy

    In literacy we shall be reading the book ‘The Elephant Truck.’ A true-life adventure story. The children will use the book to write in a variety of styles.

    In non-fiction the children shall be learning about information text and the variety of ways information is presented. They will then write their own information poster on a chosen Kenyan animal. 

  • Numeracy

    In maths we shall be following the curriculum with a focus upon fractions, money and time. In calculations we will focus upon division where there are remainders.

  • Science

    In science we shall continue to learn about plants growing. We shall also be looking at the variety of Wildlife found in Kenya and their habitats.

  • R.E

    RE will see the children studying Judaism again.

  • Geography/History

    Our topic this term is ‘Kenya’. This gives the topic a geography focus.

  • ICT

    In computing the children will be researching Kenya. They shall also be using Beebot and continue to use Spellodrome.

  • Art/DT

    Art will be led by Mrs Amey. The children will explore different painting tecniques.

  • P.E

    In PE we continue to go swimming on a Friday. The children made great progress last term and with a push several children should be ‘swimmers’ by the end of term.

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